As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 many people and companies around the world are affected. The impact of the disease on public health, society and the economy is significant.

It is important that both healthcare institutions and companies, large and small, have optimal conditions to cope with this enormous burden. Testing staff for ongoing or previous infection with COVID-19 increases safety, enables continued production, reduction of losses and helps optimize the chances of tackling the current situation effectively.

With the use of our serological tests individuals can be tested for ongoing or completed COVID-19. The tests are cost effective, safe and straightforward to use. We want to make it clear that production takes place in Europe. The samples are quality controlled and CE-IVD marked. The safety and reliability of the tests we offer is of utmost priority.



Results within 10 minutes


In the presence a COVID-19 infection, antibodies are produced. Initially the immune system produces so-called Ig-M antibodies and after about 7-10 days Ig-G is produced. Our test examines for both antibodies and gives an indication of ongoing or previous COVID-19 infection. You can also determine whether the infection is recent or if it has lasted a while. In some cases, the test can also provide information if a person without sign of infection has been exposed to the virus.

The test kit contains all the necessary equipment: The test itself (Casette, 5×2 cm), lancet (small needle), pipette (small tube), clear liquid (buffer) and disinfectant wipe. Sampling takes place easily and answers are obtained within 10 minutes. The answer is read from a window on the cassette. Each test has built-in quality control that confirms the functionality of the individual test. The test has high sensitivity and specificity. Instructions for sampling and interpretation of answers are included.

For questions or assistance about the test, sampling or optimization of operations from a medical perspective our team of doctors, product specialists and medical engineers can assist. Either in person or via link depending of your location.

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